we are

A trusted source in the German cannabis industry. We aim to demonstrate the highest level of dedication through quality products, expertise, openness and respect towards the culture. Just in case you’re wondering: iuvo is a fully licensed GMP/GDP pharmaceutical importer and wholesaler.

Our Belief

it’s not for

You read that right. As importers & suppliers of medical Cannabis – but mostly passionate enthusiasts ourselves, we can confidently say so. Cannabis is for those who find something in it: Joy, relief, relaxation, focus, and culture. And if that’s not you, that’s ok, too. Because ultimately, it doesn’t need to be for everyone.

The highs.
The lows.
The clouds.
The smoke.
It’s not for everyone.

The grinding.
The rolling.
The licking.
The twisting.
It’s not for everyone.

The sun.
The soil.
The seeds.
The strains.
It’s not for everyone.

The cult.
The culture.
The cough.
The love.
It’s not for everyone.

The flick.
The flame.
The hit.
The flavor.
It’s not for everyone.

The ease.
The release.
The quiet.
The peace.
It’s not for everyone.

The trichomes.
The terps.
The tribe.
The pride.
It’s not for everyone.

It’s not for everyone.

Proud Partners


Quality, appreciation, and love for the plant come first for us. That’s why we are proud to have a partner who shares these values: PURE SUNFARMS.

Under the sun of the Fraser Valley in British Columbia, Pure sunfarms grows cannabis with an approach that blends traditional greenhouse expertise with hands-on knowledge of legacy grow practices.

The plants are then carefully packed and shipped to Germany, where we distribute them to the pharmaceutical market.

The Tribe

Marie-Claire Kempf (Head of Sales)


Tibor Rietzsch Junge (Head of Marketing & PR)


Jonathan Lubosch-Haenisch (Founder & CEO)